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FAQ & Common Problems

Q. Will this software work on both PC and MAC?

A. The software is online and will work on both PC and MAC. All you need is a web browser with a FLASH enabled computer and have this website whitelisted in your browser.

Please follow these directions:

1) Click here for instructions on how to enable Adobe Flash® in your browser. (

2) Activate Flash for this website and also add to the Whitelist for FLASH in your browser. 

Instructions for Chrome, click here.

Instructions for Firefox, click here.

Instructions for Internet Explorer, click here and click here.


Q. May I use this software on multiple computers?

A. The software license is for one person or one eye clinic. Staff in one eye clinic may use one general account on multiple computers. If you need a license for multiple students in an academic setting, then please contact us. 


Q. On the Refraction Simulator, is there a way to ask the virtual patient better 1 or 2?

A. To ask one or two you just hit the "1" or "2" on your keyboard. So, for example, press "1", change the sphere power by one click, then press "2". After you press 2 the "patient" will respond.